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Bed Bugs & Whiteflies

Bed Bugs

As a full service pest control company, our tent fumigation is an extra weapon against bed bugs that a lot of other companies can't offer you. It is easy to go from a small bed bug infestation to an out of control infestation, where it becomes a nightmare.

Every time a guest comes to your check-in counter you wonder if it is another complaint, or a nightmare at home for your family or friends. There are several ways of dealing with these problems. Usually there are residual applications which achieve results, but these take time. There is tent fumigation which is most effective, but can be expensive and in most cases your business or home will be under fumigation for up to 48 hours.

We use a mixture of both, complete residual treatment for a long term solution and tent fumigation for your mattresses, pillows and linens,(furniture sometimes necessary). With these combinations you can achieve an almost immediate erradication at a more affordable price.


Whiteflies Specialist. Call us for more information.



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