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Termite Tent Fumigation


All fumigations performed by a Certified Operator

We at Darn Quick combine the latest equipment, technology and communications to assure a smooth, hassle free and successful fumigation. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is our goal.

Today as more forest are destroyed due to the world population explosion, more termites are turning into the wood in your property as a food source. In the United States termites cause an estimated $6.5 billion in property damage annually more than any other natural disaster. Most homes incur about $7,500.00 in damages before the termites are even detected. Our home is the single largest purchase that most of us will ever make, so treating your property against termites is very important to protect your investment.

Tent fumigation is the only proven way to eradicate drywood termites. The gas fumigant penetrates every crack, crevice, pores and termite galleries of the wood. All of our fumigations are performed by licensed fumigators and regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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All of our tent fumigations and termite treatments have a one year renewable limited guarantee. This guarantee can be renewed yearly by customer for an unlimited amount of time or our 5 year guarantee (customer option). If retreating the structure for any live infestation of drywood or subterranean termites while under guarantee at no charge to the customer. This guarantee is also transferable to new owners if property is sold.


Example of a Drywood Termite

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